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Lovitt's Professional Coatings

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    Submitted Nov 04 2003 05:00 AM


Our company, MM Wood Restoration and Protection has evolved over the past decade to become a leader in the professional field of wood finishing & restoration. Through the years we have tried multiple high quality wood finishes, we have the experience in the field on how these coatings perform over the seasons. The knowledge we have acquired through years of maintenance work and research has enabled us to craft a superior product line using only the highest quality ingredients and the most advanced chemistry available! Our chemists and field technicians have put many years of research into the crafting of Lovitt's wood cleaners, brighteners and our high quality, clear oil based wood finish we proudly call Lovitt's Natural Gold! Visit our website for more information. Thanks for looking!

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Address 1 2506 No. 2 Canyon Rd. Wenatchee, WA 98801
Address 2 --
Email mmwood2@charter.net
Phone Toll Free 877-966-3476
Phone 2 509-663-2254