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Schroeder Log Homes

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Log Home Restoration

For those of us who are privileged to own or work with buildings made of logs, we should recognize they have special needs and familiarize ourselves with the maintenance they require and prevent problems that may occur. We at West Coast Restoration have a passion in restoration and construction needs that will keep your log home looking, as it should for many years.

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Stains, Sealants and Preservatives: There are a lot of opinions as to stains, sealants and preservatives, and which is “the best one”. What we have found through our many years of experience is that it has a lot to do with where you live. For an example if you live in the south as opposed to Alaska the climate is not the same. This is referred to as the climate index. You will have to sample various types of stains both water borne and oil to see what works best for you in your climate index. Our experience with the climate index can help shorten this process and together can we can make this a positive decision.

If your log home appears to be blotchy, and may have obvious mold growth and does not repel water as it used to, you may need to have the outside refinished. This process is done through media blasting which removes the failed stain and lets you start with a clean log surface. After the blasting is complete depending on where you live (climate index) your may want to spray a 10% solution of TIMBOR (borate) to the surface of your logs. This will help in the prevention of microbial growth and insect intrusion. Choosing which stains/preservatives to be applied to your logs, once again will depend on your area (climate index).

Log rot is something that must be dealt with as soon as you notice a problem. Log rot can and will depending on the severity cause structural issues. You may notice just a small rot pocket at the surface of your log but the rot could have traveled through your logs and you won’t know it, rot is like a cancer. Usually rot is caused by inadequate design of the home, not large enough overhangs, clogged gutters, lack of flashing over windows, doors, etc. We at West Coast Restoration have the capabilities to diagnose how much rot is present and come up with a solution whether that be ¼, ½ or full log replacement anywhere on the log home.

Wood Boring insects will also be destructive to your log home. We are based out of Washington state where most of our insect issues are carpenter ants which are attracted to damp to wet wood. Carpenter ants will seek out these areas and can create substantial damage to your home. Borate treatments and keeping your logs dry will help in the carpenter ant problem. There are also termites, wood-boring beetles and powder post beetles, which bore into your logs, lay their eggs and leave. If you notice dust outside an insect hole this will tell you they’re active. The solution is to take a can of WD-40 and stick the red straw in the hole and give it a squirt. Problem solved. West Coat Restoration has worked throughout the United States and we are always fascinated as to what we find
regarding insects and coming up with solutions.

Here are some of the other services we provide:
New deck construction and rebuilding
New window installments
Real estate inspections / consulting
Emergency insurance work
Fire restoration and rebuilding
Expert witness / litigation support
Maintenance programs
Log home disassemble/reassemble

If you have any problems or concerns regarding your log structure please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will discuss a solution. West Coast Restoration is a licensed, bonded and insured LLC.

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