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Schroeder Log Homes

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way to go Greg..

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#1 Johnny


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Posted 26 February 2003 - 03:19 AM

Greg this looks like a government check..(great)......really liked the "old" board but this looks like it really will be new and improved.....thanks...

Alan sorry that I didn't get back on the old board and post....yes we did find a few things at the show in Atlanta....bought them and put them in the house.....we are doing the the "tacky but unrefined" decor thing. ha.....kidding,,,the wife would brain me for that one.....There are some very talented and interesting people that are vendors at the shows....

How about a toast to Greg and staff for putting this thing together and keeping it up and running???????

as we all raise our glasses (mugs) I say: " Here's to the good old days.................today and tomorrow"
Johnny Shaw

#2 Patrick Jenkins

Patrick Jenkins

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Posted 26 February 2003 - 03:59 AM

This has more buttons to push than Walmart has! It will take me awhile to figure them out. Maybe now I can get a website inserted on a thread now. A picture even!:confused:

#3 Gnarly Cranium

Gnarly Cranium

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Posted 27 February 2003 - 05:22 AM

Greg is really excited about how fast this new forum has been picking up, things should really be swinging around here soon. This forum program is used by some of the biggest and the best-- including my home away from home, the CGtalk forums. (that's right, I'm not one of you house people, I'm a CG artist! :D ) I've been an active poster there for the past year-- so I'm pretty familiar with this interface, you guys can go ahead and ask me questions.

Patrick -- The buttons above the box where you type messages are your friends! The one that says http:// on it will let you put in hot links-- just hit the button, type what you want the link to say (COOL THING HERE or whatever), hit enter, and then in the next box that comes up, paste in the addy you want the link to be to. You'll end up with a funny string of stuff in the message-- hit the Preview button to see what it will really look like.

The IMG button will bring up another box like that-- just paste in the addy of a picture you want to show, and it will stick [IMG] tags around it in the message. Right now I don't think in-line image viewing is active, so it'll just show up as a link, but pretty soon I think that's going to be fixed, and images will show up right in the message where you stick them. Handy stuff! :cool:

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