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Subfloor Repair or how to NOT spend a weekend....

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#1 Greg Steckler

Greg Steckler

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Posted 23 June 2014 - 06:39 PM

This is a story you should really try to visualize.  Early in the 1980's we were working in Washington state on a lodgepole pine log home for some very nice folks.  It was a large home ~4,000+ sq. ft. as I recall.  It was a "T-shaped" floorplan and at the top of the "T" on the second floor we built a series of 12/12 "A's" spaced about10-12' apart.  These were really simple trusses with the cross piece joists bolted to the 12/12 rafters.  They created a 3rd floor which we realized could be accessed from a 'secret' doorway.


Now, the lady of the house had a brother (who very soon became a great friend and we had many adventures later on) who wanted to learn log building.  he was the newbie in the group of seven or eight experienced log dogs.  We'll call him R.D.


R.D. was good at heights, great with a chainsaw and a hard worker.  In later years he built many fine log homes and has been a true friend ever since our first meeting.  So back to the story....  Says I, "R.D....jump up there and cut off the outside ends of the horizontal log joists so they will be flush with the 12/12 roof decking we will place next week".


So, R.D. grabs his saw, a rope and scrambles up to the joists which are the support of the 3rd floor and prepares to cut off the excess log ends beyond the bolt connections.  All good so far..perfectly safe.  He ties the rope to the end which will get cut off and secures it to the joist...we'll call it Joist #1 (yes there are many) and proceeds to whack off 25 lbs. of wood.  Which falls, rips the rope loose from the log end, and punches a two foot hole right through his sister's subfloor.  "Oops", says I, chuckling along with one other worker.  R.D. is red-faced and swears a few lines, retrieves his rope and moves to Joist #2.


This time he really ties the rope good around the log end and proceeds to cut it off while about half the crew is watching.  The log end happily makes its plunge to earth taking with it the rope which was not securely tied onto the joist.  Boom...Hole #2.  Crew laughs hysterically.  R.D. cusses a blue streak.


We toss the rope back up and R.D. and he moves to joist #3 realizing the entire crew has stopped to watch whatever is going to happen.  (If you don't' think Nature or God or the Universe has a sense of humor, then you haven't been around a bunch of log dogs before 'cause what happened next stopped the entire work day...and we headed to the bar.)


Cursing under his breath R.D. securely ties the rope to the joist and then the log end and cuts it off.  The 30 lbs. piece falls, all the rope attachments hold, everything is just as R.D. planned it...except the rope is too long....Hole #3.  Crew falls on floor laughing so hard.  R.D. speechless and blowing blood vessels.  I believe we did quit for the day after that.  R. D. spent the weekend patching the subfloor for his sister.



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#2 Guest_Mike Buckley_*

Guest_Mike Buckley_*
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Posted 24 July 2014 - 11:47 PM

Good stuff Greg.  To bad you did not have pics with this one.  Hope others will chime in with their stories.  If not, you will have to continue to regal us with your exploits.  Again, great stuff.



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Posted 25 July 2014 - 08:29 PM

Maybe you could regale us.  Hate it when my brain and fingers disconnect.

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