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Rodents in my Cold Roof System

Cold Roof Rodents Eradication

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#1 Ann


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Posted 25 July 2014 - 11:19 AM

We have some creature(s) that have invaded our cold roof system. We have located one point of entry (could be another that we just have not found yet.).


Anyone have experience with getting the beasties out of the cold roof system.



#2 Greg Steckler

Greg Steckler

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Posted 25 July 2014 - 03:26 PM

My very first log home built in 1978 is owned by some great folks who only visit the "cabin" (apologies to Mackie Affectionados) occasionally and have installed a very loud sonic mouse/packrat noise maker.  It seems to work until the mice go deaf.  Then not so well.  Cats and small terrier type dogs seem to do pretty well at eliminating critters.  Just my 2 cents....

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#3 GordonMcAlister


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Posted 09 January 2015 - 05:05 AM

Our home is up on a Vermont mountain abutting 5770 acres of State Forest, and we have many critters large and small from the Mighty Northern Moose to the Vermont Rock Wall Mountain Lions (that's Chipmunks to you and me) that visit the home site. As such our roof system has on occasion become a temporary home to a few bats that get into the pried up eve vents, which I'm not happy about, but they do keep the mosquito population in check in the summer. What really ticks me off is the dang squirrels that keep prying open the eve vents to get into the roof system. The roof is foamed with close cell foam and I was told it is "treated" and wasn't a favorite medium for rodent and insect nesting, but the dang squirrels keep trying to get in no matter how many times I close up access. I tried "Have-A-Heart" baited traps and they stole the bait and never set off the traps. One little ba$tard actually sat on the deck railing laughing at me through the window with cheeks puffed out with the trap's peanuts. I've had limited success with blowing "Critter Ridder" into the eves to chase them out ( with a Shop Vac run in exhaust mode) so I can close up the vents, but it's a continuous battle of wits with them and at times I feel like an unarmed person.


I asked the local Hardware Store Manage if he had any recommendations and he said, "Try using a .22 and see if that helps"!


I'm not so keen on shooting holes in my roof but maybe it'll work for you :)



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