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Schroeder Log Homes

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Wow, LHOTI is still gonig...

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#41 Alan DuBoff

Alan DuBoff


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Posted 01 November 2015 - 10:42 PM

The only time I go to Wal-Mart is when I need to buy plastic from China.  That's about it.  Wife goes there once in a while, but I figure the Walton family has enough money and its sad to see all those old folks as greeters and pushing shopping carts from the parking lot.  (I actually entertained the idea of applying for a job there during the GR....<sigh>).   I gladly pay whatever the local produce stand asks when I do stop in.  I wish I stopped in more often.


So did an experiment to the trick-or-treaters last night......    Offered them candy (first) or a dollar coin (you know the brassy President coins that are about the size of a quarter.  What's that all about?).  About 70% opted for the dollar.  Parents out on the street whooped it up when the kid made the right decision.  I always reply, "Merry Christmas...your parents thank you, your dentist thanks you....now go put that in your college fund (while I'm thinking, So you can get a better job and pay into my SS...heh, heh").


I NEVER shop at Wal-Mart for the very same reason...there's little in the store that is not imported from some third world country...most everything is BS made in China. I too would rather pay more to my local produce stand or farmer's market rather than put it in the Walton's pocket.


The bottom line is the Waltons became one of the richest families in history by not caring about the products they sell. When greed takes precedence over what is right, it doesn't make it right. GMO products loaded on their shelves making them and the Koch bros wealthy doesn't make it right.


I don't shop at Safeway or Luckys if I can help it. I would much rather shop at Trader Joes, because at least they care about the products they sell. :)

#42 lisa


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Posted 02 December 2015 - 06:47 AM

Hello old friends! Good to see ya'll!
I think I slid into my log home at just the ideal time, still enjoying it immensely. In fact I began working from home a few months ago and most days I don't even leave the house. It's so nice and peaceful living in the woods and out of the commuters rat race. I learned so much about log homes on this site and enjoyed the debates over styles, materials and methods. I've been in my home for 13 years now. It does require constant maintenance. I find myself on ladders more than I would like to be but I always just step back and count my many blessings. I've had several people want to rent my cabin for retreats and I haven't done that yet but think it might be a future retirement business. Several businesses in Arkansas are wedding venues with rustic Barns and stone houses. Has anyone on here been in the business of renting out log cabins? Any advice would be appreciated. I am loaning my cabin to some friends this month for a party. A little nervous about it since it is my home but it's only for a few hours, not overnight.

Tim- I would love to see pictures of whatever you are working on.
Alan - keep your dream alive! You can sell your current house for a bundle and build that lakeside cabin someday. I plan to visit and share a drink on the porch!
Greg - my oldest son and family moved to Kosovo last Spring. His wife works at the Embassy as a foreign service officer. I'll be visiting the Grandchildren next year and touring Romania to finally see that Popsicle stick church April posted photos of so long ago when she adopted a child in Romania. It's located at a ski resort near Brasov. Yes I will take lots of photos - hopefully inside too. If I win the lottery I still plan to hire Tim to build it near my cabin.
Whatever happened to Mark Fitch? He used to build beautiful cabins and dog houses :-).

The chapel picture I'm trying to post is from Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Mo. Owned by Bass Pro Shops founder. I was fortunate to visit it last month. A beautiful place with lots of log cabins surrounding the lake.
Greg - any tips on posting photos? I've always had difficulty here trying to post them.
Here are some pictures from their web page for you to drool over. http://www.bigcedarw...age/Venues.aspx

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#43 Greg Steckler

Greg Steckler

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Posted 02 December 2015 - 04:31 PM


Glad you still come around to Lhoti.com and super glad you are going to Romania......to see the church and take pictures.  If you do get inside, get lots of closeups of the joinery and finish work.  If you talk to someone about the church please express all of our heart-filled admiration and joy about their marvelous work.  They are rock stars in my world!  If there are plans or construction guides of this church or even a contact person, I would love to have it or find where they could be obtained.


Posting pictures once they are on your computer should be straightforward and easy....just go to where it says "Attach Files" and follow the instructions.  Use the "Full Editor" if needed.  When you pass your cursor over the icons it tells you what they are.


BTW, my daughter Lee has been doing AirBnB for several years........super successful and really interesting people as guests.  She has learned the do's and don'ts of this vacation/daily rental biz.  I'm sure she would share with you (contact me).  Of course Bend is crazy popular these days...31 breweries, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, sunshine, rock climbing, snow, 150 restaurants, 90k people, 2 universities + a CC, 5 quilt guilds with maybe 600 members....the list goes on and on (we even have 28 roundabouts....49 years after my wife brought me over the mountains to meet the parents and see Bend's first traffic light).


All the best........and Happy Holidays to ALL!

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#44 Alberta Loggie

Alberta Loggie

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 12:56 AM

Can't believe that we've been in our log home for 19 years this Christmas!!!  Still small things to finish up - I'm beginning to believe that a self built home is NEVER actually finished!


There is really only one log building company still operating around here, but there are about 10 log homes in our vicinity - however none built in the past 10 years.


House is still great.  Have redone all the pumps in the radiant heat system.  Man has that technology changed since I installed mine.  My youngest sister just had a home done with infloor heat, and the system is minuscule in comparison to the one I installed.  The controls and plumbing are much simpler!  Can't retrofit though.  :(


I drop by periodically to see what is going on, but things everywhere are slow.  Alberta has been hit quite hard with the low global oil prices and difficulty in getting product to market.  Lots of layoffs and business failure.  Hoping that things look better soon.


Glad I've retired and don't have to deal with that anymore.  Do find I'm also getting old faster than my house.  Seems to take longer to get stuff done now.  ;)

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