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Schroeder Log Homes

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Really need some help here!

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#1 oldtom



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Posted 19 September 2017 - 03:13 PM

Need some advice


OK, better make that a lot of advice.  We really need to tap into the collective knowledge and experience out there. 


A few of us are hoping to build a log shelter for ambitious X-country skiers.  We’ll have volunteer help but…well, you know.  This has to be something that two or three people can do the bulk of with some help here & there.  Not large, not fancy, just quick, easy & substantial enough that 1-4 people could ski in, spend the night in relative comfort, and ski out the next day.  Logs won’t be too much of a problem, we’ll have more than enough 8” to 16” spruce & pine logs.  Time, skill & labour, well… there may be a shortage, & the budget is pretty much pocket change.  Something in the range of 12’ X 14’ to 14' X 16', a small airtight wood stove for heat & with a flat top on which to cook, no plumbing or wiring & an outhouse close by. 


6’of snow annually is average, 12’ is possible so 3’ at any given moment would probably be the most we’d have to allow for, & wind not typically severe.  The greatest potential hazard will come from the fact that it could be accessed by ATV or dirt bike & get torched for the sheer joy of wanton destruction, though we can control access within limits & the site is well off the beaten path.


I’ve looked at (read about) the B&P method & while I wouldn’t build a house that way it may be ideal for this project.  It’s possible we could access some railway ties for the sill, just laid directly on the ground & a dirt floor would probably be adequate.  Allowing for a floor in the second season would make a lot of sense, but initially it’s probably a luxury beyond our means.  One big concern is the roof.  Design, materials, complexity…


How would you guys do this?

#2 Greg Steckler

Greg Steckler

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Posted 19 September 2017 - 03:49 PM

Welcome aboard Old Tom.


I'd pre-build it and pack it in.  Especially if its a long ways from anywhere.  That way you've got access to power, tools, lifting devices, materials...and un-fettered supply of Labbitt Blue???  Plus the finished product will be closer to what you want...size, style, amenities, etc.  And it will be lighter because you don't pack in anything you won't eventually need.


Personally, I like scribe fit....because it is what I do...did.


So what is the terrain?  12' of snow?  That's like 20 lbs. per cu. ft. = 240 lbs. per square ft.??/  Sheesh.  So maybe i misread that.  40-60 lbs. at the most?  Okay, that's better.


Well lets see if anyone is still reading this Forum.

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 06:45 AM

I'd love to scribe it, but that ain't gonna happen.  I was at a meeting tonight & they were talking cheapo Alaskan Sawmill & a limbing saw to run it in order to square logs on 2 sides.  Little bitty Sthil smaller than my firewood saw,which itself is about 1/4 the size of saw I used to use on the wet coast falling & bucking.  Man...I gotta convince them!  My leaning at this point is P&B construction, 12 X 14, 3 RR ties-2 on the base, one centred on top for a foundation, 2X6 floor joists w/ 5/8 T&G flooring, (can I span 12' with a 2X6 or will I need a 3rd, centre run of RR ties?), centre post ridge pole with support poles spiked to the wall inside & with purlins on 2' centres, tin roof.  If the walls are 8' the over-hang should be, what...maybe 3'?   This is where I need help.  I'm not a contractor, not a carpenter, hell, I sit on my butt in front of a computer most of my day, punching buttons for a living, but this project has me excited.  We might save lives with this, and at a minimum create interest & get more people out there doing something! 

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